Walk for Heroin Awareness – Event Videography

Walk for Heroin Awareness Highlight Reel

Event Videography & Editing by Shane Beecher

A chill in the air couldn’t halt the participants of the 2nd Annual Walk for Heroin Awareness.  Joined by Mayor Blair Milo, citizens walked the streets of LaPorte, Indiana brandishing signs encouraging passing cars to honk.  Numerous drivers obliged.

2nd Annual Heroin Walk for Awareness LaPorte Indiana

– Mayor Blair Milo leads the way

Who Organizes the Event?

Non-profit A Voice For Them organizes the Annual Walk for Heroin Awareness.  They focus on raising community awareness of the local heroin epidemic and assist with addict recovery.  As a 501(c)3 organization they accept donations to help with their mission.

2nd Annual Heroin Walk for Awareness LaPorte Indiana

– The crowd grew as the event  continued

How Did We Capture the Walk for Heroin Awareness?

Our goal was to give the audience a glimpse of the experience.  We assigned a single videographer to walk along the route with the crowd.  This allowed us to capture the event as the participants viewed it.  Having experienced the walk and conversed with the crowd, we asked our videographer to craft the highlights into the above video.  This was to keep the video honest and impactful.

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